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Google’s Panda Updates Forces Changes in General Content Writing Practices

Latest Google Panda updates would make the content writers worldwide take a different stance on writing online content. Many evil practices have crept into the field of online writing and the Panda updates want to cure those practices. According to this update most content writers are opting ethical writing guideline and abiding by laws by the major search engine. Some recent guidelines in terms of content writing released by the search engine giants Google will definitely improve the skills of the content writers.


Interactive Approach ensures better results

Have an Interactive Tone in your content


When you interact with the readers and may be get into the core matter citing some relevant examples the readers feel more connected to the what the writer wants to say. Addressing the readers as “you” is a good way of starting the interactivity. If you are providing tips or suggesting some remedies the tone should one of a caring friend. This lends a humane touch to the content. Prick the areas that may interest the readers most. Such an approach is definitely very challenging but there is also chances of wider recognition. Try to make the content visually appealing with the use of short sentences, bullets, numbers and sub-heads. You should also insert relevant images in the content to make the content relevant. If you apply these tactics site’s ranking will definitely improve.


Use Valuable Information


Web users are looking for valuable information online

Write what is hot on the blocks and what the readers want to know. There is no point in providing outdated information to the readers time and again. Google is approaching towards a writer centric approach in terms of their algorithm. If you aren’t authentic and infringe the content on other websites then you will be spotted quickly. The subsequent result will lowering of page rank. Too many writers nowadays are bugged by the word count. They have to meet a certain word limit criteria, so they fill their content with words more than information. If you provide only authentic information that interests the readers than you will definitely attract many potential followers.


Never Rewrite Existing Articles


Rewriting an existing content gives a shabby outcome

According to the Google Panda updates writers should be ready to think fresh and deliver authentic content. Though rewriting articles from a valuable source is time and energy saving but it isn’t a fair practice. Stealing others thoughts would never establish you as a good content writer. Moreover, no two people think in the same way, thus you might undermine the meaning of the original article and devalue it. So write innovative and original content that would fetch good rewards on Google search pages results.


Avoid Keyword Centric Articles


Overuse of Keywords makes a content ineffective

Keywords are definitely important for SEO content writing but writing a totally keyword centric article is not a good option. Web users in the modern times are hungry for valuable information online. If you are focused on merely the SEO practices then you are turning yourself worthless. Though use of keywords is must but the value of information cannot be undermined in any way. When the keywords are used they should mingle well with the flow of the content. In no way should the reader feel you have compromised quality for keywords.


Keep Target Audience in Mind


Content should be created for a highly targeted audience

Conventional way of crafting article for a niche audience is still important as per the Google’s Panda updates. New Google’s algorithm will promote highly targeted content to provide improved results. If you create a highly targeted content for a specific group of people then there are higher chances of earning higher ranks in Google search results. You should look to address the immediate questions and issues for the readers. Write in a personalized tone so that the content naturally appeals the potential readers.


To impress Google content writers have to be more imaginative!

Plagiarism and its Implications in Content Writing

Plagiarism is one of the evil practices that has crept out at large in the SEO content writing industry. Search engines love sites that have ample relevant content. Getting high ranking in Google or other prominent search engines is the sole purpose of many online marketers. But it is not easy to develop great content every time around, that within a short span of time. It takes hours to research about a thing, topic or personality, but such a time is luxury for most content writers. So they have start finding shortcuts. And in their urge to improve productivity they often have to settle for content that is not satisfactory. When you do not have much time you will look to take reference from couple of articles. While experienced content writers can manage this task admirably the newbies might be tempted to copy from other places (either knowingly or unknowingly). Plagiarism under all circumstances is an evil practice that should be shunned. How would you feel if you have put in hours of effort and research to develop an inch perfect article and the next day someone copies your hard work blatantly and publishes it by his name? You will feel awful, won’t you?

Do not Copy because its effects would be harsh

That feeling should be kept in mind by all the content writers. As content writers you belong to a global family of Content Writing. You should respect others and work hard each time you have a content to develop. Use reference articles alright, but make sure only a fraction of information is taken as foundation stones. All the thoughts have to be self made. Some content writers feel cheating they can cheat the clients with a merely rephrased or copied content. But you are forgetting the articles will be posted in search engines and they have sophisticated plagiarism checkers in place. So there is no way out for the guilty. Once accused of plagiarism, your professional growth might be in shambles.

Onine world is a rich resource for information

Many have a misconception: why can’t content writers dish out original articles when the literature writers can do the same? You have to understand one thing, the literature are not bounded by a strict territory, they have a wide canvas to play with. While the content writers are bound by marketing purposes. Literature writers might focus on areas that they are comfortable with, or topics that they are well conversed to, but the content writers have to develop content about everything from wild African safari to cooking in a solar cooker. It is not easy to shell out high quality and original content every time.

Research and develop your original content

However Internet offers the biggest library that you will ever come across, you can get information anything and everything. Use the treasure house of information and learn as much as you can about any given topic or industry before you start. Don’t be awed by the experienced writers who can create quality articles within a short span of time. They had also spent time researching and knowing each and every sector before becoming confident writers. After you have written a content make sure you use a reliable plagiarism checking software (either online or offline) and get the content checked for any duplicates. If there are pecuniary changes required you can easily rephrase those parts. There are plenty of plagiarism checkers around.

Use quality plagiarism checkers

Plagiarism in content writing can be categorized into two types:

  • Copying a piece from some other writer entirely and publishing it by your name
  • Taking or copying ideas from a piece.

Both these types of plagiarism are harmful. So try to avoid them with your instincts as a content writer.

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The Art of Creating a Press Release

When I was doing my masters in Mass Communication I was taught that Press Releases are official stories provided to the press by the business houses featuring some important events or news in their organisation. These were written in a press ready format. But fact is stranger then fiction! I became a content writer and soon many harsh realities about online press release writing confronted me. Now the press releases written by the content writers are used for submission that would be looked upon as popularity votes by the search engines. They are not often read by the general public. Still as a content writer you cannot just type rubbish and project it as a Press Release.

Primarily Press Release were for Press Only

Most of my clients want two or three press releases for their site every month. But when you have a look at their websites there is not much latest news to focus upon. So what do you do in such a situation? Well you have a thorough look through the website and decide on the notable policies, products/services that the website is projecting. You can write about the products, low prices offered for them by the store, or why people should buy from that specific website only as themes. If there are new entries in the stock list then bingo you have got a great topic to write about.

Press Release Distribution has Become SEO Tool

So far we have planned about the creation of topics of press release writing now let us dwell on how the press release is written after all. Let us try to write a press release for this present site Annoyz View. As many mystery based blogs have been posted this month at the website so we will look to focus on that. As per the format the left hand side has to be dedicated to contact details. On top you should write “Press Release” to mention that it is not any other form of online content but a Press Release write up. Then mention “For Immediate Release” which provides the information that this news can be made public immediately. If you wish to release the news at a later date simply add “To Be Published on …”. Then comes the “Contact” section. You have to provide the company or website’s name at the top most portion. Write down the details of street, city, district, state, phone number, mobile number, email and website address.

Sample Press Release Write Up for Annoyz View

Now comes the title. See how I have planned a title which caters some news about the website and also promotes it somewhat.

Title of Press Release

Then start off by providing the city and state name along with the date and year. This is customary as Press Releases were primarily for media houses and were sent in press ready format. In newspapers you will view news starts in this format.

Top Left hand Side of Press Release

The first paragraph of the press release should be kept short. It would merely elucidate the content in the title. Titles don’t often allow all the feelings to be expressed. There is no place for promotion in this paragraph. Limit the paragraph to 3 lines max.

First Paragraph of Press Release

In the second paragraph you will go ahead and further describe the news. I have mentioned the mystery blogs that have been posted at Annoyz View for the month of November. This will make the readers aware that there are quality blogs posted at the website. Try to promote the services and products in this paragraph with a news overtone to it.


Then comes the third paragraph. In this paragraph you may promote the company and its services with a news undertone to it. My intention behind writing this press release would be to increase the following of the blog so just see how I have tried to promote it. Remember Press Release is not for hammer and thongs promotion, but the approach should be much subdued.

Third Paragraph of Press Release

The fourth paragraph is a short one and reminds the readers about the website address over again.

Fourth Paragraph of Press Release

Now that the Press Release is finished furnish a short description about the company. Use the keywords once or twice.

Short Description About the Company

After all is done write “End” to finish the Press Release. This will tell the readers that the press release is over. This is again customary as press releases were mainly for newspaper house use.

Ending Note of Press Release

With that we have finished creating a meaningful Press Release. So have fun trying your hand at Press Release writing!

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Can Online Content Lead you to Right Path?

When I was in school and had to submit a project I used to log onto the Internet and download as much of information. Internet back in those times was considered as the best source of pure information. Content writers used to research extensively to write an informative article. But those days are past now! Come the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the face of online content has changed significantly. Online visitors looking for quality information are mostly disappointed in the present times. There is dearth of unbiased information on the Internet. Business owners realize the potential of online marketing through article, Press Release and blog submission. Thus they want to promote their website in the disguise of information. The leading article directories (such as Ezine Articles, Article Buzz, etc.) are plagued by promotional articles. Most of the blogs are molding their information in a way as to prove the services of a particular company the best. The Press Releases have lost their news value. As a content writer in Kolkata I have to write blogs on websites that have hardly any upgrades to make news from, yet I have to do it as it is my work!

Can you Really Learn Online?

Use of keywords in an article is a SEO trick to improve the visibility of any company. And there is a certain percentage of keywords that have to be incorporated in each article to end up in the search results. At times I come across dubious keywords that make an article look shabby when incorporated. The use of keywords have further degraded the quality of online content. Some of the readers online might feel I do not know English after reading the articles, but trust me at times I am helpless. I have to meet all the SEO needs and sacrifice some of the key writing skills such as grammar and syntax!

There is hardly any source of information on the web that I might certify as authentic. A lot of biasness goes into every piece of information. Thus the people who were claiming that the libraries might be a dated thing, wake up. At least there is real value for time when you visit a library, what you get online is information that you are not sure about.

Ignorance about Content Writing is a Fallacy

Whenever you want information about any topic would you run to a library in hope of finding some relevant books on the topic? Or would you simply log on to the Internet and search for the term and extract as much information? Definitely you will be opting for the second option as it is time saving. In todays date people are assured to get articles and blogs on every topic. Who writes these valuable content? It is the content writers! Yet this profession is still anonymous to many in Kolkata. When my mom tells someone that I am a content writer she has to follow it up with a brief description about what I do and then there are disinterested looks given by the audience. But being a professional content writer is not bad a deal!

Remove Ignorance Regarding Content Writing

Outsourced IT work adds a fair amount to the coffers of the Indian government. Though design and development are vital aspects of any website, but it is the content that keeps the visitors glued to any website. People log on to the Internet to find information, buy or compare things, or looking for solution. It is the content at any website or the articles posted at these sites that helps them to meet their purpose. The importance of content itself signifies the importance of a content writer.

Demand for the content writer in Kolkata is quite high. You don’t believe me, take a look at any of the leading job portals and you will find scopes a plenty for the fresh candidates. Though it is an IT, but that does not mean you will require the software or hardware skills. All you need to posses is the quality to write good English, research well about any topic over the Internet and basic computer knowledge.

But why should I blame the youth for their ignorance, have you heard any major University in West Bengal offering the content writing courses? The answer is ‘no’, this means each year there are hundreds of prospective content writers entering into other professions due to lack of learning about web content writing.

If you go to US you will find professional courses covering all sorts of subjects. But the situation is not that bright in West Bengal though. A lot of awareness has to be spread regarding the profession that I love by heart – Content Writing.