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Was the Great Pyramid of Giza always without a capstone?

When you take a look at the Great Pyramid you will find it is missing the apex. It has a flapped top which is unlikely for a pyramid. When a Pyramid was constructed in the ancient times capstone or top stone formed an integral part of the structure. It was so special that most pyramids used special stones or even gold at their apex. So, the capstone was highly decorated. But why is the Great Pyramid without a capstone? Was the structure always like this? Or was the capstone stolen or destroyed at a later date?

Aerial View of the Great Pyramid of Giza

As people from the present generation we will not be able to tell. But some accounts during the times of Jesus Christ report that the Pyramid was without a capstone during those times too. May be the pyramid was never finished in the first place. Due to some political decisions the pyramid was left unfinished and the architects never had a chance to place the capstone which would provide the final finishing touches to the pyramid.

One Dollar Currency in USA having Pyramid with Capstone

Some scholars feel viewing the importance of the great pyramid that it had a golden capstone which was the first thing to be looted. This could be a logical explanation alright but there is a slight problem. The Great Pyramid is an elaborate structure. If there was a capstone it would be very large indeed. If you climb on top of the pyramid you will find there is ample space to walk around freely. So, you can well understand the weight of this capstone. It is not possible for the looters to steal such a heavy object without being noticed.

The Great Pyramid with a structure suggesting its vacant capstone

Even if it was destroyed in any natural catastrophe there would be some parts of the capstone remaining till date. Many Egyptologists have searched intensely for this capstone but without any success. Such a heavy chunk of stones or gold cannot vanish overnight.

There were no references of Pyramid's capstone even in ancient texts

Another strange fact that has come to the fore about Great Pyramid of Giza is its top half has strange electro-static waves. One of the British inventors and explorers Sir Siemen climbed up to the top of the Pyramid and when he raised his fingers he heard strange ringing noise. His bottle of wine got electrocuted. Did the Egyptian masters know something which we don’t? Was absence of the capstone a part of strategy to counter these electro-static waves?

Controversy about this missing apex was raised by the one dollar bill currency in US. This currency shows the Great Pyramid of Giza with an apex. Is there a bigger mystery in it? We will have to wait and watch.


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Who Built the Great Pyramid of Giza

Pyramid of Giza is an architectural feat that cannot be duplicated even with the aid of modern equipments and technology. This structure has been a base of mystery for many centuries and there are various questions regarding their existence. One of the burning questions for scholars is who built it? Though there are many theories but certain factors have to be taken into consideration while answering this question. There are various astronomical calculations found on the Great Pyramid which makes it difficult for the Egyptians to design this pyramid. Scholars feel that there are ample evidences that suggest Egyptians were exceedingly backward in Astrology. Their sense of meteorology and division of seasons has convinced the researchers that true sense of cosmology did not originate among them. As the sense of cosmology among the Egyptians was primitive so it seems that though the pyramids were built in Egypt but it was not designed by the Egyptians. In simple terms great Pyramid of Giza is too advanced for its time frame. Even if the Egyptians built this marvel they had to get the plans from another source. Such startling facts have led to many theories.

Great Pyramid of Giza an architectural marvel

Could Aliens from other planets build the Great Pyramid?


Some scholars believe that the Great Pyramid was built by beings from an UFO. They feel that beings from outer space used advanced technology that aided them in performing the task aptly. The inner passages and chambers within the Great Pyramid explain the future of mankind, especially the coming of a messiah. But if we suppose that some alien race contributed to the construction of the Great Pyramid question remains how did they know about the future of Earth? Only way the prophesies to come in place was if the creator had thorough knowledge about the future.

Some paintings within the Pyramid suggest they were built by Aliens

Was the Great Pyramid built by an ancient civilisation?


We often disregard our past. Most scholars have done the same. In the recent past there has been some startling finds that suggests human beings using updated technologies roamed on this Earth. Some experts feel that the Great Pyramid was created by some lost civilization such as Atlantis, etc. It had existed in the previous ages but perished due to some natural calamities. It came to life during the golden ages of Egypt.

Burial Chamber of Pharaoh Khufu or Cheops

Purpose of the Great Pyramid


Many purposes have been cited for the great Pyramid. Historical records suggest that Pharaoh Cheops (or Khufu) built this Pyramid as his tomb as most other pyramids in the area contain burial chambers for past Egyptian Pharaohs. Recent researchers feel the Pyramid could be a time capsule left by a higher civilization. There might have been some cataclysm causing the downfall of such a civilization and they wanted to send a message to their future generations.


As ever it is difficult to decipher the true purpose and constructor of the Great Pyramid of Giza.


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