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Baba Harbhajan Singh: Holy Ghost of Sikkim

Harbhajan Baba is a holy figure all across Sikkim. He was a late sepoy enrolled in the Punjab Regiment on February 9, 1966. Harbhajan Singh had been born in a small village known as Browndal in Kapurthala district of the Indian state of Punjab. He was listed in the Indian army at a tender age and was soon posted on the high posts of Sino-Indian (China India) border near Nathula Pass. In the year 1968 there was heavy rainfall and floods throughout the region. On October 4 of the same year Harbhajan Singh was escorting a mule caravan from the battalion headquarters at Tukla to Deng Chukla. On his way he fell into a fast flowing stream and was washed away. Indian army continued search for his body for a couple of days. But this search was abandoned due to inclement weather and risks of further loss of life.

Baba Harbhajan Singh

As it seemed the battalion had finally given up hope of finding the body of their soldier, suddenly one night Harbhajan Singh appeared in the dream of one of his close colleagues. In the dream Harbhajan Singh mentioned the exact details of the location where his body could be found. He also asked the colleague to ask the army to construct a Samadhi (shrine) on that spot. He also promised that he would not quit his duty, though dead, he will patrol the area and never give up being a soldier of the Indian Army. When the man awoke he dismissed the dream as being a manifestation of his grief for the loss of his buddy.

Shrine of Harbhajan Baba

Soon another colleague saw the same dream. Now, this could not be a coincidence as both dreams had same sequence of events. A search party was dispatched to the spot mentioned in the dream and Harbhajan Singh’s body was found. He was cremated with full military honours. There was also a Samadhi built at Chhokya Cho as per the wish expressed by Harbhajan Singh. So, all the demands in the first part of the dream were fulfilled.

Bed of Late Harbhajan Singh

As for the second part, where Harbhajan Singh had promised he would still patrol the area, soon reports started coming in of a man riding a horse patrolling the area. Many Indian soldiers reported having such sightings. The Chinese troops on the other side of the border also claimed to have seen a ghost rider with Indian army uniform. Over the years Indian soldiers have seen Harbhajan Singh in their dreams and they have been informed of the loopholes and unprotected areas through which Chinese could attack. All his instructions were accurate and military took measures likewise.

Harbhajan Singh goes for a leave on September 14 each year to Kapurthala

The popularity of Harbhajan Baba grew among the common people as well. His Samadhi became a religious spot and people from far and wide came with their problems. Many infirmities have been reported to have cured after visits to this shrine. The Samadhi of Harbhajan Baba consists of three rooms. There is a neatly arranged bed laid out and uniform and boots are displayed. It has been reported by the caretakers of the Samadhi that each morning the bed sheets are crushed as though someone has slept on them. Further the polished boots are covered with soil and mud.

Memorial Plaque for Harbhajan Singh

For his service to the Indian army Late Sepoy Harbhajan Singh was promoted to the position of Honorary Captain. Monthly pay check is sent to Kapurthala residential address of Harbhajan Singh. He goes on an annual leave on September 14 every year. His trunk is packed with all the essentials and two soldiers accompany him to Kaputhala on train. He is brought back in the same manner. During his days of leave the patrolling around Nathula Pass is increased. Harbhajan Singh is the protector whom the Chinese never will to offend.

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