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Disappearance of Richard the Lionheart’s Son

Richard the Lionheart is one of the most known kings of England. He ruled from July, 6 1189 till his death about ten years later in 1199. Historical sources reveal that Richard did marry but did not have any legitimate heirs from that marriage. Richard later on went on to have an illegitimate son from an unknown woman in 1180’s. This was just before Richard became king of England. Name of this son was Phillip of Cognac. Phillip was never considered as an heir and there is not much known of him after his father’s death.


Phillip of Cognac was the Son of Richard the Lionheart

Phillip was married to the heiress of Cognac, but she died shortly and suddenly after the marriage. Richard the Lionheart died of complications after a crossbow arrow was surgically removed from his shoulder. It is known that after the death of his father Phillip avenged the death by killing Aimar V of Limoges for his part in the death of Richard. We come to know of this act from the accounts of a chronicler named Howden in 1199. But there are no historical references for this killing.


Phillip of Cognac's name last appears in the Pipe Rolls of 1201

Phillip of Cognac’s name next appears in the Pipe Rolls of 1201. Pipe Rolls are financial statements kepty by the chief treasurer. Every transaction made by the English was recorded in these Pipe Rolls. There is transaction from the year 1201 where Phillip is seen to be selling his Lordship to King John. He has disappeared from the records after that. It is believed that he died in 1230’s.


King John went on to become the next ruler of England after Richard the Lionheart

Though Phillip’s character has appeared in many fictional works but his life after 1201 is not much known about. Some feel he was murdered by King John shortly afterwards, while some others feel he spent his days in hiding and had a son. Phillip of Cognac from many accounts available does not seem to be an ambitious young man. He never wanted to be the next king of England. So, he most probably spent his days away from the glamour.