How to Convert a Content for YouTube Promotions?

When we were growing up as kids we had to read through books to learn about the interesting stories. This encouraged us to learn the letters and words in quick time. But those days have gone by. Today’s kids can have as much fun without having to read through the books. They can watch all stories we would have otherwise read in the form of videos. Reach of television, CD or DVD players and computers has made sure you can watch the likable videos anytime you want to. It is no wonder then that people are more prone to audio-visual media then reading through the lengthy text.

YouTube – Third Most Popular Website

Though this scenario had been prevailing in the real world for quite some time now but the online world was not affected by it until recently. The success of YouTube (which for your information is the third most visited website on the Internet) has changed the paradigms of online writing or promotions. YouTube has given easy access of video promotions to the web masters and they are using it gleefully. Lengthy content in the form of articles and blogs was making knowledge gathering a painful task over the Internet. Though Internet has been and will always be the largest library of knowledge. But reading through the lengthy passages is the task of spectacled geniuses and not the busy people of the times.

YouTube provides the website owners the luxury of creating an account at the website free of cost. Once you become a member of the website there are seamless opportunities waiting for you. You can watch as many videos as you want to belonging to your niche business. Comment below the videos and get recognized for your comments amongst the business community. You can also post as many videos in the mentioned file formats at Youtube and let the world see what you or your company is doing.

Creat Your Account Free of Cost in YouTube

Now many marketers will ask me how to convert all text content into a video. Well many Youtube videos I watch are not videos as such. These are Powerpoint presentations providing a step by step guide into what the novices should do and what they shouldn’t. Suppose I want to write an article on the Newsletter. I would be using the relevant keywords in it, making crisp sentences, uniform paragraphs and a sound conclusion. Now try to convert all the content in the article in the form of sub-heads and bullets. You must have read my blog on “Mingle Information with Promotion with Newsletters” let us try to convert this into a Powerpoint presentation. Have a look at the Original blog:

Blog to be Converted into PowerPoint

Now we would make it into a Powerpoint presentation. Let’s see how to create a rough draft for the PowerPoint:

Creating Content from the Blog for PowerPoint

The first slide would contain the heading of the blog. As shown below:

Introductory Slide

The content in the next slide should contain the Introduction or what the crux of the story is. What you are trying to teach through the video should be very clear.

Second Slide

In the third slide I will raise a potent question that will address the obscurity the viewers are facing till now.

Third Slide Poses an Important Question

In the next slide I will start my tutorial. Or the way a person should develop the right hand side of a Newsletter in this instance.

Fourth Slide Addresses the Left Side of Newsletter

Now that my instructions on the right hand side are complete. I will focus on the left hand side as well.

Fifth Slide Addresses the Right Hand Side of Newsletter

Next slide gives a remainder to the writer on their last duties.

Sixth Slide Gives an Account of the Last Duties

In the final slide we will try to conclude what we have tried to offer in the Powerpoint presentation.

Final Slide Provides the Finishing Touch

Thus you can see it is quite easy to convert any article or blog into a powerpoint and then upload it on the YouTube video sharing platform.

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