Truths about Jesus Bloodline

For many centuries now there is a veil of mystery surrounding the reality of Jesus Christ. He is the preacher of greatest religion on Earth (in terms of followers), but in the recent past intensive studies into the life of this great man has brought many things to light. While most Biblical text do not report anything about Jesus’ love or family life, many scholars feel that Jesus was not “single”. Thus comes Mary Magdalene, the mystery woman always named with Jesus. Early in the 13th century monk and chronicler Peter of Vaux de Cerny claimed that Jesus had a relationship with Mary Magdalene. He described her as a concubine of Jesus. Then Jedediah M. Grant and Orson Hyde stated that Jesus had not one but many wives. Mary and Elizabeth were just two out of a host of others.

Mary Magdalene with her son

Then Louis Martin who was a French philosopher of the 19th century added that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were indeed married and they travelled to France where they had a son. Then in 1977 Andreas Faber Kaiser claimed that Jesus came to Kashmir (India) and married a Kashmiri woman and they had several children. He even interviewed one named Basharat Saleem who claimed to be a descendant of Jesus. Many other authors have written popular accounts of how Jesus had a relationship with Mary Magdalene and then went on to marry her.

Jesus Christ with Mary Magdalene

Many claim that Mary Magdalene was the wisest of Jesus’ students. She was closest to Jesus and this even caused other disciples to envy her. She is supposed to have written her own literature which have either been destroyed or ceased by the church. In some of the books about Christ’s bloodline it is claimed that Mary Magdalene was forced to hide. The popular disciples of Jesus wanted to eradicate her name from any accounts. They wanted to portray Jesus as a single individual, pure and without any desires. Mary Magdalene also faced many hostilities after which she was scouted to a safe location. For the remainder of her life she was forced to hide out and may be died in Paris (France).

Painting of Mary Magdalene

It has been discovered that descendants of Jesus’ bloodline were all eminent personalities such as Galileo, Isaac Newton, etc. Some even claim that the St Clairs, who later became Sinclair’s were direct descendants of Jesus Christ. Whoever it may be one thing is for sure there was definitely a link between Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Many lost archives have been found from Jesus’ lifetime, may be some archives will be found in future which will link Jesus and his bloodline.

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