The Joyous Hundred!

Number hundred is special in every aspect of life whether it is money, sports, mathematics, religion, science or any other sector. It is very special for me too. Today, Annoyz View completes its hundredth post. It is a special occasion for me. For the last few months Annoyz View has mostly focused on mysteries. I have got a lot of interested visitors over the span of these months. As the number of visitors increased at Annoyz View my zeal to provide them with better and interesting blogs also increased.

Celebrating 100 Posts for Annoyz View

When I initiated my journey as blogger I had no real aims other than writing about things I love. But as days passed by and I started getting favourable reviews for my Mystery writing site, I found new aims. There are many aimless writing all over the Internet. My blogs aim at preaching something new. We all like twists in the tale and this blog is dedicated to the twists all around us.

I would thank everyone who encouraged me to keep on developing the blogs and egged me on in every step of the way! Thanks Buddies!


Now that Annoyz View has reached 100 blog posts, next target would be to bring up more interesting and valuable resource for information.


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