The Mysterious Case of Foo Fighters

Towards the fag end of World War II many Allied fighter pilots reported seeing flying objects with glowing lights. These flying objects would orbit around the fighters in unusual patterns. They would not harm the planes but just keep on circling them and then vanish all of a sudden. There were rumors in the Allied air bases that these were some special weapons devised by Nazi Germany. There were investigations launched into such observations. It was found that the German and Japanese fighter planes too viewed such strange flying objects and they on the contrary thought it to be US or British war weapon. Such sightings were common in 1943-44. These illuminated flying objects were seen in both the European and Pacific theaters. They were named as Foo Fighters.

Orange Lights in Sky

Objects emitting Orange Lights were seen by World War II Pilots


On their bombing missions the Allied pilots would suddenly find these flowing objects flying behind or in strange circles around them. Pilots in the European theater reported that mostly the objects were seen single. But the sightings in the Pacific theater were different; the Japanese pilots reported seeing a number of flying objects together. It is strange that both the parties viewed these flying objects as hostile weapons of their enemies, yet not one of the Foo Fighters were shot down. There is also no record of the objects harming the planes or their personnel in any way. The number of sightings remained consistent through these two years.

Formation of Foo Fighters

Japanese Pilots Viewed Number of Foo Fighters in Groups


In 1946 there were waves of flying objects seen on the skies of Sweden. The Swedish people went into frenzy as they viewed this as German hostility towards them. Sweden had remained neutral in World War II, but Germany in those days had an unrelenting thirst for more territories. However, the Foo Fighters never caused any damage to the cities. The reports of sightings in Sweden made to the front page of all leading newspapers.

Foo Fighters in Sweden

Wave of Foo Fighter Sightings were Reported in Sweden


But following World War II there was a hush-hush attitude to the Foo Fighters from all administrators. The findings of investigations were kept secret. It was also the time when the pilots returning home started writing books about their experiences in the war. Most of them mentioned the Foo Fighters. One even wrote that sightings were not only common during night but in day time hours too. During the day these flying objects were clearly seen as oval shaped saucers made of silver metal. During night the same objects were illuminated with orange or yellow illuminous lights, the lights were high power. But the officials spoke of nothing.

US Pilots & Foo Fighters

Many US Pilots mentioned Foo Fighters in their Books on World War II


After the war the US military has consistently denied knowledge of such flying objects. All the Freedom of Information Act requests by writers and researchers asking for information about the Foo Fighters have fallen into deaf ears. Every time the answer from the authorities has been “No Records Found”. Some of the government agencies have even engaged in propaganda to prove Foo Fighters nothing but false vision. As per their comments the pilots during World War II were under severe stress, they had to undertake long flights and got very less rest. In such situations hallucinations are common. They might have seen the Cigar shaped metallic German missiles and held them to be mysterious flying objects. But the point is so many pilots could not possibly hallucinate same thing.

Whether or not the government officials agree – Foo Fighters were UFOs that caught the sight of World War II pilots. Many UFOs might still fly around but they are not seen or heard of due to the governmental policies. Excess of air activities during the war exposed the UFOs to the pilots.

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