Vital Web Statistics to Keep in Mind While Developing Content

One of the biggest advantages of running an online business is that business owners are able to measure things. They can know about customers, where they have come from, how they got to the website, when they are visiting the website and how long they are staying put at website, etc. These statistics help a business grow, increase their conversions (or sales) or fix up the issues with underperforming pages. As a content writer you have to work accordingly. A content writer has to keep in mind all the vital web statistics while developing content, it is only after such a study that he/she can provide best value with content. There are certain web statistics that you should be aware of as a content writer.

Content should please the Web Statistics

  • Unique Visitors: Unique visitors are not the family members who visit a website from time to time. These are number of actual visitors to any website. There is a word “hits” that is used in terms of paid advertisement. More unique visitors you can draw through your content better chances are that your website will succeed in its marketing purposes. To get unique visitors the content should be interesting, value oriented and suggest remedies to the long standing problems of the visitors. It is only with high quality content coupled with high quality products/services that a website can achieve large number of unique visitors.
  • Build your Traffic with Interesting Content

  • Search engine referrals: Search engines categorize a website on various criteria but mostly on the quality of content present in each page. More search engine referrals you get for a website better your content quality is. Unique and updated content is a prime requirement to get high search engine referrals.
  • High quality content will be referred even by competitors

  • Referrals from other websites: When you write interesting content with the latest news in the industry many niche websites will refer their visitors to your website for updated information. Even the competitors know the value of quality content. To get more website referrals your content should rely on the latest news in the industry. They will find the old and basic content on any other website, if you are ready to travel that extra mile and dish out something they have not read before and would definitely love to know then you have caught attention. To achieve such a result the website owner should also be willing to update his website every now and then.
  • Visitors Entry and Exit: Every website has a Admin panel and these are filled with various features. The site administrator will be able to learn about the visitors and how much time they are spending at the website. If the time spent is more then you will feel they have read through your content and may be taken some actions benefiting the business. You should not make lengthy content filled with all words. The article or website content with bullets, numbers or sub-heads draws more attention. And of course the same criteria – interesting and updated also apply for this statistics to click for you.
  • Use Keywords judiciously not hampering the flow of content

  • Keywords and Key phrases: These are words or phrases that have been most searched for or words that would provide an edge to the businesses over their competitors. Any SEO expert would send you a lengthy list of keywords and key phrases, but you have to plan how to use these in your content. The words should not look out of place. Once the reader has an idea that you are actually using articles or blogs just as a bait for your business he/she will not be pleased. So it is best to disguise the business purpose with a well thought out implementation of these search engine factors. Bear in mind use of keywords should not cease the flow or style of your content. It is better to spend a little time to plan the planting of keywords.

Keep these factors in mind and the clients would be more than happy with your work!

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