Mysteries Regarding Brazilian Stonehenge

If you thought that strange stone made structures existed only in England then you are wrong. Archaeologists have discovered a new site with Stonehenge like features near the Amazon Basin in Brazil. Most believe this was a stone temple used by the Pagans. It is located in the Northern region of Brazil. With further excavations it is becoming evident that the builders were more sophisticated then they were held previously. Though the exact timing of this stone temple is still unknown but some pottery found near the site date back to atleast 2000 years.


Brazilian Stonehange: A Stone Temple?

Researchers have claimed that the Brazilian Stonehenge is comprised of 127 giant stone blocks which have been neatly driven into the ground. They are evenly spaced and upright. Each stone weighs several tons and their height is about 10 feet. The structure is located on a remote hill top in the region of Amapa. Some scholars even feel this structures provides evidence of supreme sense of astronomy that existed among the native Americans before European colonisation.


Brazilian Stonehenge comprised of 10 feet tall stone blocks

December 21 is the shortest day in the northern hemisphere. On this day the sun appears directly over the stone blocks and the blocks do not throw any shadow. This makes the researchers believe that this structure was meant to signify the winter solstice. Most statements are still not backed by thorough analysis.


Aerial View of Brazilian Stonehenge

Many researchers have held the Brazilian Stonehenge as a proof for advanced ancient civilisation that existed in these parts. Legends such as El Dorado and other fabulous temples should be given a second thought after this finding.

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