Google’s Panda Updates Forces Changes in General Content Writing Practices

Latest Google Panda updates would make the content writers worldwide take a different stance on writing online content. Many evil practices have crept into the field of online writing and the Panda updates want to cure those practices. According to this update most content writers are opting ethical writing guideline and abiding by laws by the major search engine. Some recent guidelines in terms of content writing released by the search engine giants Google will definitely improve the skills of the content writers.


Interactive Approach ensures better results

Have an Interactive Tone in your content


When you interact with the readers and may be get into the core matter citing some relevant examples the readers feel more connected to the what the writer wants to say. Addressing the readers as “you” is a good way of starting the interactivity. If you are providing tips or suggesting some remedies the tone should one of a caring friend. This lends a humane touch to the content. Prick the areas that may interest the readers most. Such an approach is definitely very challenging but there is also chances of wider recognition. Try to make the content visually appealing with the use of short sentences, bullets, numbers and sub-heads. You should also insert relevant images in the content to make the content relevant. If you apply these tactics site’s ranking will definitely improve.


Use Valuable Information


Web users are looking for valuable information online

Write what is hot on the blocks and what the readers want to know. There is no point in providing outdated information to the readers time and again. Google is approaching towards a writer centric approach in terms of their algorithm. If you aren’t authentic and infringe the content on other websites then you will be spotted quickly. The subsequent result will lowering of page rank. Too many writers nowadays are bugged by the word count. They have to meet a certain word limit criteria, so they fill their content with words more than information. If you provide only authentic information that interests the readers than you will definitely attract many potential followers.


Never Rewrite Existing Articles


Rewriting an existing content gives a shabby outcome

According to the Google Panda updates writers should be ready to think fresh and deliver authentic content. Though rewriting articles from a valuable source is time and energy saving but it isn’t a fair practice. Stealing others thoughts would never establish you as a good content writer. Moreover, no two people think in the same way, thus you might undermine the meaning of the original article and devalue it. So write innovative and original content that would fetch good rewards on Google search pages results.


Avoid Keyword Centric Articles


Overuse of Keywords makes a content ineffective

Keywords are definitely important for SEO content writing but writing a totally keyword centric article is not a good option. Web users in the modern times are hungry for valuable information online. If you are focused on merely the SEO practices then you are turning yourself worthless. Though use of keywords is must but the value of information cannot be undermined in any way. When the keywords are used they should mingle well with the flow of the content. In no way should the reader feel you have compromised quality for keywords.


Keep Target Audience in Mind


Content should be created for a highly targeted audience

Conventional way of crafting article for a niche audience is still important as per the Google’s Panda updates. New Google’s algorithm will promote highly targeted content to provide improved results. If you create a highly targeted content for a specific group of people then there are higher chances of earning higher ranks in Google search results. You should look to address the immediate questions and issues for the readers. Write in a personalized tone so that the content naturally appeals the potential readers.


To impress Google content writers have to be more imaginative!

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